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    Q: I can’t get into my house, I think my keys are locked inside, can you get me in?
     A: Yes.  We can come to your home and, with proper identification, professionally open your door to get you back in.  

   Q: I want to change my locks but I do not want to replace all the knobs and other locks, can you make a new key work my old locks?

   A: Yes, “rekeying” a lock only alters the inside parts and allows a new key to work the locks and prevents the old key from working.

   Q: Can I order a lost car key using my VIN number?
   A: Sometimes.  With proper identification (registration or insurance card) and your driver’s license, we can order the key-code for the owner of the car using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). This process will only work IF the locks have never been changed on your car AND the dealer recorded the correct number in their system when they made your car. Also, key codes are not available for all makes and models; and transponder equipped vehicles will require that we visit the car to program the key.  Call us to get details for your specific auto.  

   Q: Is there a master key that lets thieves into my car?
    A: No. There is no ONE key that opens all cars of a given make or model, contrary to what has been reported by news agencies. Thieves sometimes have a group of many different keys for a specific kind of car that they like to steal and are able to jiggle these keys around and make them work older worn locks.  

   Q: My friend used a coat hanger to open my car and now the locks do not work, why?

   A:  Most autos require a specific tool to open it. The days of using a slim-jim to open all makes and models are long gone. Professional locksmiths pay for information and tool sets that are updated yearly as new cars are produced and carry dozens of tools specific to makes and models of cars.  A non-locksmith with a slim-jim can cause hundreds of dollars damage trying to open a modern auto. After the damage has been done