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   Have you recently bought a new home?  Can you account for all the keys to your house?  We can come to you and change your locks, ensuring you the peace of mind that you know exactly where all your keys are and who has access to your home.  

   Lock bumping is the latest worry for home owners.  This is “a picking technique that utilizes a configured key forcefully impacted into the keyway.”  We carry a variety of locks that are resistant to this type of attack.  


   Keyless entry has been a staple on cars for some time though it is relatively new to home use.  We carry, install, and support keyless products from Schlage and other manufacturers.  These units are easy to operate and with no keys to lose, they are a great benefit to you.  


   Looking for something a bit more decorative?  We carry a full line of Emtek brand locks, entrance handles, and many other items.  These locks have the look of similarly designed products at a much lower price.  With these attractive pieces, we can update your old, tired lock with one of many different styles, to give your home a fresh, new look.  

   Even if your home has antique locks that use a “skeleton key” to open, we can make copies of the original or even update the locks if you like.  

   Our courteous and professional technicians will come to your home and service your existing locks or install new ones, keeping you and your family secure.  

   From basic knobs to decorative entry handle sets and high security deadbolts, we have a lock to fit your needs.